VAS Weekend!

First of all we would like to thank all of our supporters for making it out. Without you guys the events would not be what they are today. As our fan base and support grows we will be able to offer you guys more with our events.

Here is our coverage of the Vintage Auto Salon.

The weekend started off with Ivan and I picking up Mr.Watanabe from SFO International. This was probably one of the most nerve wrecking moments to my weekend cause Ivan did not know any Japanese and I knew very little.

One of my favorite cars at the show was Sean of JDMPalaces 1966 Silvia. Although the car did not place in the show I think that we would all agree that this car capture a small place in all of our hearts with its immaculate condition and rarity.

Here is another Unicorn That we did not expect to see at the show a Toyota Sport 800 Left Hand Drive by the way!

Here was a wonderfully preserved B210 that looked like it came fright off the showroom floor!

Here is another really great build spotted at the show if this car looks familiar you; you may have seen it featured at SEMA.